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Examples Of Evidence Used To Apply For the EB-1 Visa

The EB1 green card or visa is a document that establishes employment-based residency in the U.S. for immigrants who are designated as “priority workers.” Applicants for this type of visa must be able to demonstrate outstanding ability in such fields as science, education, business, the arts, and athletics. Furthermore, these applicants are able to petition for themselves rather than depending on an employer. However, applicants must submit clear evidence of their unique abilities. The following are a few examples of evidence that could be used to support an application.

A National Award

Any award a person receives through competition with others in the U.S. or even around the globe may be considered in this category. A prestigious award given by a national professional or corporate association might support an eb1c green card application, for example, while a medal won in a national sports competition might be sufficient evidence for someone applying for an eb1a visa. A nomination for an award, however, is probably not sufficient.

Exclusive Memberships

There are many ways to become a member of an organization, including simply signing up and paying or gaining entry to an association by passing an exam, like the bar exam. However, only exclusive, invitation-only memberships can be used as support for an eb1 for outstanding researcher. Furthermore, high-level memberships are preferable because they indicate a high degree of recognition from others.


Published Material About The Applicant

A high level of publicity in the press can offer strong support to an EB1 visa application. When journalists are writing about someone, it is assumed the subject of the article has done something important to merit the attention. The best type of press reports on the applicant’s major achievements or breakthroughs in his or her field.

Scholarly Articles Authored By The Applicant

Articles or research published in peer-reviewed journals can be used to meet this criterion. The published work will be reviewed by Immigration authorities, and it must demonstrate a significant contribution to the field in order to qualify as support for an EB1 application. It is even better if the published work has been cited by other experts.

Many immigrant workers are not aware that they might qualify for priority status. Immigration attorneys can help guide any EB1 visa applicant through the process and help him or her to collect supporting evidence.